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The steam cannon of Archimedes (3rd c. B.C.) – Τhe first cannon in human history

It was a cannon that functioned with steam. It consisted of a metal cylindrical boiler which was connected to a closed container of water with a valve. The boiler at the open utmost end had an incorporated wooden barrel in which the launch stone ball was placed. The barrel was blocked with one wooden beam that was secured with two struts. When the boiler acquired the appropriate temperature with the fire, the valve was opened, the water poured into the boiler, evaporated rapidly, the wooden beam broke and the ball was launched. The range of the ball was regulated by the inclination of the weapon and the selected resistance of the wooden beam. The first
redesigning of the steam cannon of Archimedes was made by Leonardo da Vinci, which was named “architronito” from the words Archimedes and “titrosko” (=injure).

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