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The holcas (the “Kyrenia” ship)

It was a cargo sailing ship used for the transport of merchandise. The particular model constitutes a copy of the famous shipwreck of Kyrenia (in Cyprus), 60% of which was salvaged. The “Kyrenia” measured 14 metres in length and 4.5 metres in width. The crew consisted of the captain and three sailors. Its hull consisted of hewed planks fastened together with tendons and mortise and was reinforced internally with scattered unequal in length ribs. In its interior it had additional flooring. It did not have a main deck but two (one in the prow and one in the stern). It had a large sail for its propulsion with a number of pulley blocks for its unencumbered handling and four oars for its minor maneuverability when mooring. Navigation was achieved with the two big oars at the stern.

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