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In the art of hydraulics, the Greeks assimilated the techniques of other civilisations, developed them or devised new ones with great ingenuity such as the famous machines of the 3rd c. B.C.: the piston pump of Ktesibios, the fire-extinguishing pump of Heron, the sub-divided wheel and chain pump of Philon of Byzantium, etc.
In the constructions of the hydraulic networks, the most ancient drainage network in the Kopaida area (14th c. B.C.) impresses even today with its size (more than 2.300 meters of underground drainage tunnel), while the tunnel of Eupalinos (6th c. B.C.) on Samos island is one of the greatest achievements of antiquity.
By transferring principles from the art of hydraulics to other sectors, they created unbelievable constructions (e.g. the hydraulic musical organ Hydraulis).

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