The traveling exhibition of the Museum of Ancient Greek Technology Kostas Kotsanas
"The greatest inventions of the ancient Greeks"

Come along on a guided and virtual tour of an exceptional selection of fifty exhibits of the museum of the ancient Greek technology (from the robot - servant of Philon to the "cinema" of Heron and from the hydraulic clock of Archimedes to the analog computer of Antikythera) covering the period from 2000 B.C up to the end of the ancient Greek world.

Discover that the technology of the ancient Greeks, just before the end of the ancient world, was shockingly similar to the beginning of our modern technology.

Explore this era when ownership for cutting edge technology was not claimed and become aware of how much (more than we think) the Western civilization owes to the Greeks.

If you would like this exhibition to come to your city/country, then ask for it and make it happen.

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  • The Antikythera calculating mechanism
    (a …laptop from the antiquity)
  • The «static» automatic theatre of Heron of Alexandria
    (the «cinema» of the ancient Greeks)
  • The hydraulic clock of Archimedes
    (the first clock with tickings in human history)
  • The automatic servant of Philon
    (the first operating robot of humanity)
  • The mobile automatic theatre of Heron of Alexandria
    (the programmable automotive «puppet show» of the the ancient Greeks)
  • The hydraulic clock of Κtesibios
    (an automation miracle, continuously working without human interference)
  • The repeating ("polybolos") catapult of Dionysios of Alexandria
    (the first application of motion through level chains)
  • The «hydraulis» (organ) of Ktesibios
    (the first keyboard instrument in the world)
  • The hydraulic automaton of the «chirping birds» and of the «returning owl»
    (an exceptional automatism of repeating spectacle with motion and sound production)
  • The magic fountain of Heron
    (a «restless» device that «breaks» the laws of hydrostatics)
  • The ingenious wine-jug of Philon
    (the first «intelligent» appliance of domestic use in human history)
  • The alarm clock of Plato
    (the first awakening device in human history)
  • The "palintonos" catapult of Philon
    (the first giant stone-throwing catapult in human history)
  • The astrolabe of Ptolemy
    (the …G.P.S. of the ancient Greeks)
  • The automatic opening of the temple gates after sacrifice had taken place on its altar
    (the first automatization in building worldwide)
  • The «aeolosphere» of Heron
    (the first «steam-machine»of history)
  • The dioptra of Heron
    (a theodolite and a chorobate from the past)
  • The fire pump of Heron
    (the first force piston fire pump worldwide)
  • The nut fabrication machine of Heron
    (the first screw cutter in human history)
  • The automatic holy water server with coin-collector
    (the first slot machine in human history)
  • The road distance calculator «hodometre»
    (the first ...taximetre in human history)
  • The sound alarm of Heron
    (the first warning mechanism in human history)
  • The steam cannon of Archimedes
    (the first cannon in human history)
  • The belly-bow («gastraphetes»)
    (the most ancient catapult)
  • The three-mast crane
    (the first vertical elevation crane worldwide)
  • The hydraulic endless screw of Archimedes
  • The «hysplex»
    (the first athletic mechanism in human history)
  • The «hydraulic telegraph» of Aeneas
    (the first telecommunication device worldwide)
  • The flying pigeon of Archytas
    (the first flying machine in human history)
  • The pantograph of Heron
    (the first device of copy, enlargement and diminution in human history)
  • The «Greek» watermill of Stravon
    (the exploitation of hydraulic energy for the very first time worldwide)
  • The windpowered «hydraulis» (organ)
    (the exploitation of aeolian energy for the very first time worldwide)
  • The tetrantas of Hipparhos (Quadrant)
    (the first latitude locator of daily use)
  • The automatic goblet of Philon
    (the first self-adjusting controller of the level in human history)
  • The Pythagoras cup
    (the first application of the axial siphon worldwide)
  • The level horizontal sundial
    (the spider’s web of Eudoxos and the «pelekinos» of Patrokles)
  • The cut hemispherical sundial
    (Aristarhos’ sundial)
  • Fire signals and beacons
    (the first coded telecommunication device worldwide)
  • The geometric kinematic mechanisms of the ancient Greeks
    (The Plato's cubist, The Nikomides' Trisector (Trichotomos), The Eratosthenes' mesolabe (mean-taker), The Proklos' «ellipsografos» (tool for carving ellipses)
  • The Pythagoras' «monochord» (single-stringed)
    (the first scientific musical instrument worldwide)
  • The «polis»
    (the ancestor of chess)
  • The bow lathe
  • The ostomachion of Archimedes
    (the first puzzle in human history)
  • The cryptic (Laconian) relay
  • Aeneas' cryptographic disc
  • The twofold waxed plates
  • The Mycenaean loom
    (the web of Penelope)
  • The «varoulkos» of Archimedes
    (the strongest windlass of antiquity)
  • The «plinthis» (block) of Hipparchus
  • The four-cubit dioptra of Archimedes

    Travelling Exhibition  


Presentation of some of the exhibits of the travelling exhibition "The greatest inventions of the ancient Greeks"
by their creator Kostas Kotsanas (in Greek Language)

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