"Archimedes and his era"

by Kotsanas Museum of Ancient Greek Technology


Ergon Showground

Sun, 08/03/2020 to Sun, 12/04/2020


"Give me a place to stand and move the earth"

A very important exhibition is hosted at the Ergon Showground in the Tsalapata complex in Volos, from March 8 to April 12, 2020. An exhibition dedicated to the great ancient Greek mathematician, engineer, physicist, inventor and astronomer Archimedes ...

Archimedes and his era is a unique thematic presentation of ancient science and technology in Greece dedicated to the greatest mathematician, physicist, engineer, astronomer and inventor of antiquity but also to the wider ancient Greek technology of his time.

His work has been enormous, both qualitatively and quantitatively, and his research has covered many areas: geometry, hydraulics, engineering, architecture. He associated his name with the birth of engineering in ancient Greece and with the solution to famous mathematical problems, as well as with his defensive inventions used when the Romans besieged Syracuse.

Archimedes, the greatest of all time, the greatest of astronomers, inventors, mathematicians, physicists and engineers, is presented through a unique exhibition of its kind that will shake circles!

The Archimedes Museum of Mr. Kotsanas in Ancient Olympia with unique interactive remodeled inventions will be hosted at the Ergon Showground, waiting for guests to speak Eureka! and live the excitement of the discovery. The attention to detail and precision with which the exhibits are made have been internationally acclaimed as Mr Kotsana's exhibitions have been hosted in many cities around the world.

The wonderful planetarium, the precise hydraulic clock, the terrestrial and marine odometer, the awesome steamboat, the giant catapult, the three-dimensional crane, the mighty camouflage, the spectacular archer, his stomach, just some of the exhibits visitors will see. In addition to the guides, the exhibits are accompanied by rich audiovisual material (in Greek and English) such as explanatory plates and giant posters with lots of information, detailed drawings, photographs and complete bibliographical references, while many of the exhibits are interactive.

More than 70 exhibits provide a unique experience for the visitor who wants to come up with inventions that stimulate the mind and the senses.

Audiovisual material


Tsalapata Complex Volos, TH 38334
39° 21' 51.1992" N, 22° 55' 54.7248" E
Thessaly GR